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Absurd Ventures

AMERICAN CAPER and A BETTER PARADISE: First Stories Coming in 2024

Absurd Ventures presents A Better Paradise & American Caper

We will soon introduce two universes, their characters and lore.

AMERICAN CAPER centers on two normal, badly-damaged American families in a world of corrupt business, inept politics and bungling crime. AMERICAN CAPER will debut as a graphic novel that is being illustrated by renowned comic book artist, Simon Bisley.


A BETTER PARADISE is an existential suspense thriller, set in the near future. A 12-episode audio fiction series based on the A BETTER PARADISE universe is currently in production. Absurd Ventures is partnering with award-winning audio company QCODE to co-produce the audio series.


This is the beginning. We will be sharing more information about A BETTER PARADISE and AMERICAN CAPER in the months ahead. Make sure to register and subscribe and to follow Absurd Ventures across our social media channels.